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Prenatal Cardiology
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Selected data from the polish national prenatal cardiac pathology registry from the year 2016

Paulina Kordjalik
Zdzisław Tobota
Maria Respondek-Liberska
1, 3

  1. Department of Diagnoses and Prevention Fetal Malformations Medical University of Lodz
  2. Magnum2, 37 Fucika Str., 02-929 Warsaw
  3. 2. Department of Prenatal Cardiology, Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital Research Institute
Prenat Cardio 2017 Jan; 7(1):7-11
Online publish date: 2019/07/16
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Analysis have been subjected to evaluate standard data reports from the Polish National Prenatal Cardiac Pathology Registry from the year 2016, compared to previous years.

Material and methods
The methodology of this work was comparison of the data from previous years that have been published in the Prenatal Cardiology and records generated in www. orpkp.pl from the year 2016. The total number of records entered in the Registry in the year 2016 was n=774.

Top 10 most common prenatal CHD in 2016 were such as follow: HLHS, AVSD, VSD, d-TGA, TOF, AvS, muscular VSD, Aberrant origin R subclavian artery, RAA, CoA. In the centers Lodz and Krakow the most common prenatal congenital heart defects were severe CHD requiring surgery in 1 st month of life. In the contrast, in Warsaw the first place was taken by a "critical heart defects" regardless whether cardiac surgery was planned in first week (contemporary definition of prenatal critical heart defects) or first month - contemporary definition of severe planned heart defects of postnatal life.

The fact that in 2016 most common cause of referrals to targeted the fetal chocardiography was abnormal, large vessels view and not the abnormal 4 chamber view of the heart, suggests more and better training of physicians performing the screening or basic study of fetal heart in Poland.


Data base, Registry, Congenital malformation, Fetal echocardiography

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