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vol. 5
Original paper

The current attitudes toward death and dying

Andrzej Guzowski
Elżbieta Krajewska-Kułak
Wojciech Kułak
Emilia Sarnacka
Mateusz Cybulski

Medycyna Paliatywna 2013; 5(4): 163–170
Online publish date: 2014/01/31
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Introduction: In any era it can be seen the different attitude of man towards the end of life, which is also reflected in different attitudes and ideas about death.
Aim of the study: To establish the attitudes towards death and dying.
Material and methods: This study included 150 randomly selected persons and used the original questionnaire.
Results: 25.1% of the respondents chose lucky family as the most important values in life. The most important attribute of religious ritual ceremonies was funeral (75.3%). Most respondents (71.9%) hearing word "death" felt reverie and reflection. 66.8% of respondents, word "death" was associated with the passing and inevitability. 42.1% of respondents were afraid of death and 66.9% believed in life after death. 38.8% of respondents, death should be a consequence of the disease and the elderly. 34.9% of respondents would feel despair at the time of death of a loved one. Most respondents (68.9%) reported people are aware they are dying. 74.9% of respondents talked about death with others. For 45.9% of respondents, good death: death without pain for 60.9% bad death – alone. Family forms death perception. Main features of the personalized death are including the difficulty in determining sex (72%), look – skeleton (60%), main virtue – eminence (38%), scythe (44%).
Conclusions: One fifth of respondents feared death. Almost all reported the concept of "good" and "bad" death. Respondents most frequently had death-avoiding attitude. For most respondents, the best place for the burial is cemetery, and place to die – house.

death, dying, attitudes

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