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vol. 76
Original paper

The influence of canal patency on the success of root canal treatment

Przemysław Kustra

Department of Conservative Dentistry with Endodontics, Institute of Dentistry, Jagiellonian University Medical College, Kraków, Poland
J Stoma 2023; 76, 4: 258-264
Online publish date: 2023/12/15
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Treatment involving complete obliteration of root canal system requires extensive analysis, both because of numerous existing clinical problems involved and limited research conducted in this area.

The objective of the study was to provide a comparative clinical and radiological evaluation of two gutta-percha obturation methods applied in root canal treatment in conditions of total obliteration: lateral condensation versus continuous wave condensation technique.

Material and methods
A total of 310 teeth from 121 patients were analyzed. Overall, 35 teeth contained various degree of root canal calcification. A comparison was made between the following two obturation techniques: lateral condensation method and continuous wave of condensation approach (taking into account the existence of periapical lesions, and whether the patient was undergoing primary treatment or re-treatment).

The healing process in the case of two root canal obturation method depended on the number of variables, such as the presence of obliteration (p < 0.001) and CWC treatment method selected (p = 0.018).

The positive treatment outcomes achieved with the CWC method suggest that this thermal technique should be the treatment of choice when obliterations occur and in the absence of patency in the apical part of the root canal.


clinical outcomes, endodontics, canal obliteration

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