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Clinical and Experimental Hepatology
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vol. 9
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The role of UCA1 and WRAP53 in diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma: A single-center case-control study

Amr Aly Abdelmoety
Mohamed Youssef Elhassafy
Rasha Said Omar Said
Ahmed Elsheaita
Manal Mohamed Mahmoud

Hepatology Unit, Internal Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt
Department of Medical Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt
Experimental and Clinical Internal Medicine, Medical Research Institute, Alexandria University, Egypt
Clin Exp HEPATOL 2023; 9, 2: 129-137
Online publish date: 2023/06/18
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Aim of the study:
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) prognosis heavily depends on early diagnosis. We aimed to determine the role of serum urothelial carcinoma-associated 1 (UCA1) and wd repeat containing antisense to TP53 (WRAP53) as diagnostic tools of HCC.

Material and methods:
A case-control study including 90 subjects (30 patients having HCC, 30 patients having liver cirrhosis without HCC and 30 healthy controls) was performed. In all participants, the serum levels of UCA1 and WRAP53 were assessed by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction together with serumαa-fetoprotein (AFP).

Serum levels of both UCA1 and WRAP53 were upregulated in patients with HCC being significantly higher than in patients with liver cirrhosis and healthy control (p < 0.001). They were also correlated with some clinicopathological characteristics of HCC. Using the receiver operating curve, both UCA1 and WRAP53 showed higher diagnostic performance for HCC (AUC = 0.9, 73.3% sensitivity, 100% specificity and AUC = 0.85, 63.3% sensitivity, 80% specificity respectively) and their combination with AFP resulted in improved sensitivity and specificity (AUC = 0.97, 90% sensitivity, 100% specificity).

Serum UCA1 and WRAP53 have the potential to be used alone, or in combination or with AFP, as diagnostic non-invasive biomarkers for HCC with accepted sensitivity and specificity. This study has been registered in clinicaltrials.gov with clinical trial registration number NCT05088811.


long non-coding RNA, UCA1, hepatocellular carcinoma, WRAP53

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