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vol. 15
Original paper

An audit of uterine perforation and its’ effect on the final outcome in an academic research medical center: An optimized balance between overall treatment time and medical crisis

Mrinalini Verma
Divya Kukreja
Arunima Ghosh
Puja Kumari
Ajay KV
Kirti Srivastava

Department of Radiation Oncology, King George’s Medical University, Lucknow, India
J Contemp Brachytherapy 2023; 15, 2: 130–133
Online publish date: 2023/04/04
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Intra-cavitary brachytherapy is an integral component of cervical cancer management, and uterine perforation is the most significant complication, which may lead to prolonged overall treatment time and decreased local control in these patients.

Material and methods:
A retrospective analysis of cervical cancer patients who completed radiotherapy (external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy) in our department was conducted to determine the incidence, effect on overall treatment time, and final outcome in patients with uterine perforation during brachytherapy procedure.

Among 55 women, of the 398 applications, 85 (21.36%) resulted in uterine perforation. Out of these 85 applications, treatment time was extended among 3 (3.5%) applications only, as re-insertion was done nearly after one week, while the remaining 82 (96.5%) applications were completed in time. At the time of analysis, the median follow-up was 12 months, and 32 patients were disease-free, 3 had distant metastatic disease, 2 had residual disease, and 18 were lost to follow-up.

In our study, uterine perforation incidence was found to be comparable with other centers worldwide. In asymptomatic and uncomplicated uterine perforation, treatment can be continued with computer-based optimized treatment plans without loading a specific dwell position and without affecting overall treatment time.


brachytherapy, cervix carcinoma, uterine perforation

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