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Journal of Contemporary Brachytherapy
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Journal of
Polish Brachytherapy Society and Indian Brachytherapy Society


Adam Chicheł, MD, PhD

phone: +48 61 8850818
e-mail: adam.chichel@wco.pl, brachyterapia@wco.pl

Supporting Editor:

Grzegorz Zwierzchowski, MD, PhD

Wojciech Burchardt (Medical Publication Coordinator), MD, PhD

phone: +48 61 8850918
e-mail: wojciechburchardt@hotmail.com

Artur Chyrek (Medical Consultant), MD, PhD
phone: +48 61 8850918
e-mail: chyrek.artur@gmail.com

Adam Kluska, MD, PhD
phone: +48 61 8850918
e-mail: adam.kluska@wco.pl

Grzegorz Bielęda (Physics Consultant), MSc

phone: +48 61 8850819
e-mail: grzegorz.bieleda@gmail.com

Tomasz Piotrowski (Statistician), Assoc. Prof., MSc, PhD

phone: +48 61 8850553
e-mail: piotrowski.tomasz@gmail.com

Joanna Koszewska (Editorial Office Supervisor)

phone: +48 61 8850817
fax: +48 61 8850834
e-mail: brachyterapia@wco.pl

English Consultants:
1. Małgorzata Rajewicz
e-mail: margorajewicz@yahoo.co.uk
2. Richard Ashcroft
e-mail: richard.ashcroft@anglopolonia.com

Publisher, printing house
Termedia sp. z o.o.
2 Kleeberga St., 61-615 Poznań, Poland
phone/fax: +48 61 822 77 81
e-mail: termedia@termedia.pl
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