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Central European Journal of Immunology
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vol. 37

Experimental immunology
Differences in the expression of leptin receptors on bone marrow and peripheral blood cells

Elżbieta Górska
Maria Wąsik

(Centr Eur J Immunol 2012; 37 (4): 332-337)
Online publish date: 2013/02/10
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Leptin plays an important role as a modulator of immune response and hematopoiesis being engaged equally in innate and acquired immune response and influenced stem cells differentiation in bone marrow. The effective leptin action requires the expression of specific receptors on the surface of cells. In this study we examined leptin concentration in 42 samples of bone marrow and 83 samples of peripheral blood plasma. Leptin receptor expression on bone marrow nucleated cells and mature peripheral blood leukocytes were studied using flow cytometric method. Cell phenotyping was performed in a group of 39 healthy children who were free from hematological malignancies and immunological disorders. OB-R was identified on membrane of stem cells (CD34+), T (CD2+, CD5+, CD7+, CD4+, CD8+) and B (CD19+, CD22+) cells, monocytes (CD4+, CD14+) and granulocytes (CD13+, CD33+).

The percentage of stem cells with OB-R expression was lower than cells CD33/CD13/OB-R positive in bone marrow. The percentage of OB-R+ granulocytes was significantly lower in comparison to OB-R+ monocytes. However, in bone marrow and peripheral blood, the percentages of monocytes and granulocytes were higher than OB-R positive T and B-lymphocytes. In bone marrow and peripheral blood significantly more CD2CD8 cells expressing leptin receptor in comparison to CD2CD4 was observed. Almost 2.5-fold higher concentration of leptin was observed in blood plasma in comparison to bone marrow.

The percentage of OB-R+ monocytes and granulocytes in bone marrow and peripheral blood were on comparable level. In this two tissues differ OB-R distribution was observed on T and B cells. Presented results may suggest the existence of some regulator influence of leptin concentration on expression of leptin receptor on lymphocytes in studied compartments.

leptin, leptin receptor, bone marrow, peripheral blood

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