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vol. 29

Experimental immunology
Immunophenotypes of spontaneous lymphomas in inbred mice – a contribution to mouse models of human lymphoid neoplasms

Hanna Szymańska
Joanna Piskorowska
Elżbieta Krysiak
Henryk Marian Skurzak
Ewa Kraszewska
Alina Czarnomska

Centr Eur J Immunol 2004; 29 (3-4): 78-84
Online publish date: 2006/02/06
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The Haematopathology Subcommittee of the Mouse Models of Human Cancer Consortium has proposed that mouse lymphoid neoplasms be used as models of human lymphomas. As a contribution to the proposed classification of mouse lymphomas according to the WHO classification of human lymphoid neoplasms, we evaluated the immunophenotypes of spontaneously developed lymphomas in group of 99 AKR/W mice, 108 C57BL/6W mice, 51 C57BL/10W mice, 46 BALB/cW and 57 129/SvW mice. Two immunohistochemical methods, ABComplex and MOM®, and flow cytometry with 13 monoclonal antibodies were used. In AKR/W mice, 99% of spontaneous lymphomas were Tcell derived, while this immunophenotype accounted for only 40% of lymphoid neoplasms in BALB/cW mice, 35% in C57BL/6W, 6% in C57BL/10W and 13% in 129/SvW mice. The T-cell derived lymphomas appeared earlier in AKR/W mice (median age 271 days) than in the other strains (median age 628-866 days) (p<0.0001). The incidence of B-cell lymphomas was highest in C57BL/10W mice (94%), 88% in 129/SvW mice, 65% in C57BL/6W mice, 60% in BALB/cW mice and only 0.01% in AKR/W mice. B-cell lymphomas developed only in aging mice (median age 787 days). The T-cell lymphomas had five different immunophenotypes, while the B-cell lymphomas had only one immunophenotype characteristic for mature B-cells. The lymphomas developed in these common mouse strains could be useful as models for human lymphomas.

lymphoma immunophenotypes, aging inbred mice

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