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Central European Journal of Immunology
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vol. 27

Experimental immunology

Production of artificial antibodies directed to human sperm surface antigens by filamentous phage display library technique

Dorota Fiszer
Natalia Rozwadowska
Beata Grygielska
Alina Domagała
Kinga Tomczak
Maciej Kurpisz

Online publish date: 2003/12/19


We have constructed cDNA library of antibody variable fragments using repertoire of B lymphocytes from healthy individual and from infertile patients with antisperm antibodies in serum. Both pools of cells were deposited in peritoneal cavity of SCID mice and to increase population of specific B cells secreting antisperm antibodies, lymphocytes were immunized in situ with extract of sperm antigens. We used native or deglycosylated sperm extracts for performed immunizations. Obtained in this way primed B cells constituted a source of mRNA for creation of cDNA library. Heavy (g) and light (k and l) chains were cloned into pComb3HSS vector which formed a basis for phage display library of Fab fragments directed to sperm surface antigens.

artificial antibodies, human sperm surface antigens, cDNA library, filamentous phage display library

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