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Immunotherapy of melanoma

Iwona Lugowska
Pawel Teterycz
Piotr Rutkowski

Data publikacji online: 2018/03/08
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The immunotherapy is currently changing the landscape of oncology. Nowadays the standard of care in metastatic or unresectable melanoma patients include immunomodulating modalities such as anti-PD-1 drugs (nivolumab, pembrolizumab) and anti-CTLA-4 antibody ipilimumab. The improvements of progression free survival and overall survival connected with those treatments were unprecedented and have been confirmed in stage III trials. The efficacy of immunotherapy in metastatic setting can be further upgraded in some groups of patients by combining both types of antibodies. Latest clinical data suggest that treatment with immunotherapy can be also favorable for patients in adjuvant setting. Other treatment approaches based on immunological response (e.g. oncolytic viruses or adoptive cell therapy) have been proven useful in specific clinical situations. The future of melanoma treatment is still evolving, new molecular targets are being invented and hopefully current endeavors will led to further improvement of patients’ survival. This review aims to summarize current state of immunotherapy in melanoma and identifying possible directions of development.
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