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vol. 8

Intensive functional insulin therapy – analogues acting insulin or regulars human insulin

Mariusz Pietrzak

Przew Lek 2005; 3: 133-139
Online publish date: 2005/05/06
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The principle of curing diabetes is balancing blood glucose levels and improving the quality of life. Following physiologic, twenty-four hour profile of insulin releasing is the fundamental aim of curing with insulin. This curing is supposed to improve quality of patient’s life, release him from disease affection, prevent from acute and chronic complications.
Thorough research shows that these aims can be achieved if we are able to create the near-normoglycemic state. All methods of intensive functional insulin therapy aim at the reaching of basic concentration of insulin influencing the metabolism between meals, as well as post-meal increases of insulinemia. Fixing the twenty-four hour demand for insulin we divide it
into insulin slowly absorbed from subcutaneous tissue, which is supposed to grant basic concentration of insulin during the whole day, and bolus insulin quickly absorbed from subcutaneous tissue and working in the shortest tim e. That can be achieved by application of acting analogue insulin, regular human insulin, NPH insulin, non peak analogues.
In numerous research the above-mentioned kinds of insulin have been compared. Patients who honestly and with full responsibility accept the method of therapy, fulfilling the requirements it implies, should be selected for treatment with analogues. But clinic experience says explicitly that no insulin, even the best one, will not improve control of balancing diabetes, if the patient does not co-operate with the treatment team, does not take care about appropriate and optimal diet for himself, selected and optimal physical effort, does not carry out self-control and analyze its elements.

type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, intensive functional insulin therapy, analogues acting insulin, regulars human insulin, glycemic control

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