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vol. 21
Review paper

Is physician needed for a patient cured of malignancy in childhood?

Kinga Kwiecińska
1, 2
Wojciech Strojny
Danuta Pietrys
Walentyna Balwierz
1, 2
Szymon Skoczeń
1, 2

Klinika Onkologii i Hematologii Dziecięcej, Instytut Pediatrii, Uniwersytet Jagielloński Collegium Medicum, Kraków
Klinika Onkologii i Hematologii Dziecięcej, Uniwersytecki Szpital Dziecięcy w Krakowie
Psychoonkologia 2017, 21 (4): 157–160
Online publish date: 2018/09/06
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Nowadays with the use of multiple therapeutic methods about 80% of children with malignancy may be cured. It is estimated that there are about 27 000 people cured in childhood of malignancy in Poland. About 50% of them may develop late effects of their treatment, which include second malignancies as well as neurological, cardiological, pulmonological, endocrinological, psychological and other complications. Severe and life-threatening complications may be observed in 21% and 14% of patients, respectively. The quality of life, including educational possibilities and employment, often does not satisfy people after anti-cancer therapy in childhood. It is necessary to provide them long-term follow-up in Outpatient Clinic with standarized program of tests and examinations, with psychological and educational care and with help in finding employment in order to improve this situation. It is essential to educate the patients, their families and the physicians in the field of possible late side effects of therapy, preventive actions and pro-health activities. The implementation of studies on late side effects is very important. They should concern better quality of life of people cured of malignancies, support programs and modifications of current therapy protocols in order to decrease the rate of late effects.

malignancy, health care, late effects, cure

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