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Archives of Medical Science - Aging welcomes scientists in all disciplines, not only those in traditional gerontology, and published all types of papers, from case reports, letter to editors, to experimental and basic research, extensive reviews, systematic reviews and meta-analyses. AMS-Aging publishes high-impact research papers of general interest and biological significance in all fields of aging research including, but not limited, to cellular mechanisms, DNA damage and repair, telomere lengths, organismal aging, age-related diseases, how to treat older adults optimally, what are the targets, the issue of polypharmacy, quality of life or drug discontinuation, drug-related side effects, drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in the elderly, genetic control of aging from, regulation of longevity, evolution of aging, anti-aging strategies and drug development, and the role of signal transduction pathways in aging and potential approaches to modulate these signaling pathways to extend lifespan. AMS-Aging covers many other topics including clinical aging, human age-related diseases, cellular and molecular biology, pathology in model organisms, cancer, signal transduction pathways and approaches how to modulate them.

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