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Contemporary Oncology/Współczesna Onkologia
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vol. 3


Human integrity and gene therapy; international standards

Anna Michalska, Tomasz Twardowski
Współcz Onkol (1999) 3, 94-96
Online publish date: 2003-08-05

Tamoxifen/Antioestrogens increase aggressiveness of breast cancer with HER-2 gene amplification and/or overexpression

Ewa Szacikowska, Wojciech Kozłowski
Współcz Onkol (1999) 3, 97-103
Online publish date: 2003-08-05

Pseudotumor (idiopathic inflammation) of orbit – treatment with special regard to radiotherapy

Agnieszka Rubik, Alina Jarema, Bogdan Torbe, Danuta Rogowska, Jadwiga Kubrak, Mirosław Lewocki
Współcz Onkol (1999) 3, 104-105
Online publish date: 2003-08-05

Malignant melanoma in extrabulbar localization – selected clinical cases

Anna Gotz-Więckowska, Danuta Bręborowicz, Jarosław Kocięcki
Współcz Onkol (1999) 3, 106-109
Online publish date: 2003-08-05

www. virtualtrials. com – a wide, new database concerning brain tumors

Małgorzata Mackiewicz, Piotr Wysocki
Współcz Onkol (1999) 3, 110-111
Online publish date: 2003-08-05

Chemotherapy in cervical cancer

Stefan Sajdak, Anna Obrębowska
Współcz Onkol (1999) 3, 113-114
Online publish date: 2003-08-05

Brachytherapy in treatment of coronary heart disease

Elżbieta Nowicka, Krzysztof Składowski, Anna Mucha
Współcz Onkol (1999) 3, 115-117
Online publish date: 2003-08-05

SCC antigen in diagnosis and monitoring of squamous cell carcinoma of the oral mucosa

Hanna Maciejewska, Krzysztof Osmola, Leszek Lewandowski
Współcz Onkol (1999) 3, 118-119
Online publish date: 2003-08-05

Matrix metalloproteinases in tumor invasion

Joanna Łapińska
Współcz Onkol (1999) 3, 120-122
Online publish date: 2003-08-05

Total electron skin body irradiation in the course of Mycosis fungoides

Agnieszka Rubik, Alina Jarema, Danuta Rogowska, Jadwiga Kubrak, Marek Boehlke, Mirosław Lewocki, Zbigniew Marzęcki
Współcz Onkol (1999) 3, 123-125
Online publish date: 2003-08-05

Ifosfamide in the treatment of ovarian cancer

Anna Obrębowska, Stefan Sajdak
Współcz Onkol (1999) 3, 126-128
Online publish date: 2003-08-05
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