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Are we ready for targeted therapy in AML.pdf

Beyond hazard ratio measures of treatment effect on survival.pdf

Beyond the horizon new treatment strategies for multiple myeloma.pdf

CAR T-cells life in the fast-lane.pdf

Developing therapeutic strategies for the treatment of esophageal adenocarcinoma.pdf

Genetic and epigenetic markers of non-small cell lung cancer in peripheral blood an update.pdf

How to sensitize glioblastoma cells to chemotherapeutics.pdf

Human germ cell tumors – news and views.pdf

Hypoxia normalization the role of PTEN in tuning the microenvironment.pdf

Immunotherapy of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.pdf

Impaired proteodynamics in hematological and other malignancies; potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets.pdf

Local therapy (SBRT) in metastatic prostate cancer in 2019.pdf

Markers of progression risk in patients with squamous cell vulvar carcinoma.pdf

Mass Spectrometry Imaging - new approach in molecular imaging of cancer.pdf

Melanoma-derived exosomes in plasma of melanoma patients biomarkers of tumor progression.pdf

Molecular classification of colorectal cancer.pdf

Neoadjuvant treatment of breast cancer.pdf

Nonpalpable lesions in breast cancer - new methods of visualization in breast conserving surgery.pdf

Periopertive therapy of melanoma.pdf

Personalized medicine-guided synthetic lethality eliminates leukemia stem cells.pdf

Personalized targeted therapy of NCSLC.pdf

Personalizing treatment of kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma) based on the current opportunities and new strategies.pdf

Place of immunotherapy in the treatment of NCSLC.pdf

Risk stratification and treatment decisions in Philadelphia-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms.pdf

Rules for medical management of patients with BRCA1 gene mutation.pdf

Search for new genomic changes associated with high risk of cancer.pdf

Some chemotherapeuthics treated cancer cells display a specific phenotype being a combination of stem - like and senescent cell features.pdf

Status of targeted therapy in the treatment of advanced melanoma.pdf

Targeted therapy of advanced renal cell carcinoma.pdf

The Multidimensional Nature of Cancer Classification Consequences for Molecular Pathology.pdf

The role of sphingolipid metabolism in multidrug resistance of breast cancer cells.pdf