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Nursing Problems / Problemy Pielęgniarstwa
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vol. 20
Original paper

Women’s opinion on the exposure to stressful situations

Aleksandra Słopiecka

Online publish date: 2012/09/10
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Introduction. Quoted among the many determinants of human health are a group of psycho-social factors, stress playing an important role
in it. Long-lasting effects of stressful reactions or stress of high intensity (strength) is one of many contributing factors in the occurrence of
various diseases and disorders.

Aim of the study.
The object of the study was to present the opinions of the women about the exposure to stressful situations.

Material and methods. The anonymous and voluntary research included 210 women aged from 18 to 73. The research included a group of
women hospitalized for the need to diagnose and/or treat diseases within their reproductive organ. The field of research was the four
gynaecological departments functioning in hospitals in the city of Kielce. In the research, the method of diagnostic survey was employed,
using the author’s original questionnaire. Results of the research: Exposure to stress situations was reported by 80.0% of the respondents, the
main cause being financial and housing problems. Occurrence of stress situations in the workplace was reported by 61.0% of the respondents,
and in the living place — by 56.7% of the women. The largest group of the respondents, i. e. 37.1%, described their exposure to stress
situations as meaningful.

Conclusions. In the research group exposure to stressful situations was significant. Identification of the type and extent of exposure of
women to stressful situations determines the use of optimal methods of prevention and treatment. Reduction of intensity and frequency of
occurrence of negative impact of stress on one’s health should result from promoting health-orientated lifestyle, improvement of living
conditions and popularization of effective methods of coping with stress situations.

women; health; stress

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