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Przegląd Kardiodiabetologiczny/Cardio-Diabetological Review
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vol. 7

Original paper
Insulin resistance and fasting plasma glucose in first degree relatives of the patients with type 1 diabetes

Katarzyna Siewko
Anna Popławska-Kita
Rafał Maciulewski
Anna Zielińska
Agnieszka Nikołajuk
Maria Górska
Małgorzata Szelachowska

Przegląd Kardiodiabetologiczny 2012; 7 (2): 99–102
Online publish date: 2012/12/09
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Introduction: By the long time of prediabetes period we don’t observe disturbances of carbohydrate metabolism, which lead to the manifestation of the loss of 80-90% of the β cell mass.

Aim: Evaluation of the secretory function of β cells as well as insulin resistance in relation to fasting plasma glucose (FPG).

Material and methods: The study was conducted in 90 I° relatives, which were divided on: “high-normal” FPG group ( 88 mg/dl) and “low-normal” FPG group (< 88/mg/dl). The FPG was determined using enzymatic method. HOMAIR and HOMA%B indices were calculated using computer calculator.

Results: In 48.9% of patients, a FPG  88 mg/dl was stated. Positive correlations between “high-normal” FPG and body mass index (r = 0.491, p < 0.0001) and between “high-normal” FPG and HOMAIR (r = 0.186, p < 0.002) were observed. A negative correlation between “high-normal” FPG and HOMA%B (r = –0.437, p < 0.0001) were also observed.

Conclusions: The patients with the “high-normal” FPG characterize a higher body mass index, insulin resistance and a higher decrease of β-cell function as compared to a “low-normal” FPG group.

type 1 diabetes, fasting plasma glucose, HOMAIR, HOMA%B

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