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vol. 19
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Prevention of obesity and carbohydrate metabolism disorders in the population at an industrial facility

Maxim Tszyan

  1. Department of Public Health and Social Sciences, Kazakhstan Medical University “Higher School of Public Health”, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
Gastroenterology Rev 2024; 19 (1): 33–45
Data publikacji online: 2024/03/14
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Metryki PlumX:

One of the urgent tasks of modern healthcare is the development of measures aimed at preventing obesity in the able-bodied population, including in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which would reduce economic losses and increase the coefficient of life expectancy in the population.

To identify measures for the early prevention of excess weight, obesity, and carbohydrate metabolism disorders in the able-bodied population at an industrial facility in Kazakhstan.

Material and methods
The study involved 662 people (574 men and 88 women) aged 19 to 64 years. The subjects were divided into 2 groups: the main group – persons with obesity (242 people) and the control group – relatively healthy persons (422 people). The diagnosis of obesity was made based on the medical history of a patient, external examination, and physical, laboratory, and instrumental assessment.

Three main factors influencing the development of obesity have been identified: a significant level of inactivity; serum glucose; the presence of comorbidities. Other factors (gender and age, smoking) do not have a significant effect on the increase in the body mass index of persons working at an industrial facility.

Accordingly, a priority in the prevention of obesity is a healthy lifestyle, involving regular physical activity and a healthy balanced diet.

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