Biology of Sport
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Biology of Sport
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vol. 37
Original paper

The effects of resistance training experience on movement characteristics in the bench press exercise

Adam Maszczyk
Michał Wilk
Michał Krzysztofik
Mariola Gepfert
Adam Zając
Miroslav Petr
Petr Stastny

Biol Sport. 2020;37(1):79–83.
Online publish date: 2020/02/07
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The main aim of this study was to determine whether the level of experience in strength training has a significant effect on differences in the value of exercise volume determined on time under tension (TUT) and number of repetition (REP) for a specific movement tempo. The study examined 68 men divided into groups of beginners and advanced strength trained athletes. The participants performed 5 sets of bench press (BP) at 70% 1RM using either a REG, MED or SLOW metronome guided cadence. Each set was performed to failure and with 3 min of rest between sets. Significant differences in TUT were found between the groups of beginners and advanced athletes for the slow (SLO) 6/0/4/0 tempo in set 1 (p = 0.01) and set 2 (p = 0.04), and for the regular (REG) 2/0/2/0 tempo in set 5 (p = 0.01). Significant differences were documented for total TUT between the beginners and advanced athletes for the SLO 6/0/4/0 tempo (p = 0.04). The results of ANOVA revealed significant differences in the number of repetitions between groups for the SLO 6/0/4/0 tempo in set 4 (p = 0.04) and set 5 (p = 0.04), and for the REG 2/0/2/0 tempo in set 5 (p = 0.01). The main finding of this study is that strength training experience has a significant effect on training volume, both in terms of TUT and REP at a specific constant movement tempo. Significant differences do not occur for each value of the tempo used.

Resistance training, Tempo, Bench press

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