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Folia Neuropathologica
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vol. 55
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A novel de novo COL6A1 mutation emphasizes the role of intron 14 donor splice site defects as a cause of moderate-progressive form of ColVI myopathy – a case report and review of the genotype–phenotype correlation

Agnieszka A. Koppolu
Agnieszka Madej-Pilarczyk
Małgorzata Rydzanicz
Joanna Kosińska
Piotr Gasperowicz
Jolanta Dorszewska
Wojciech Kozubski
Barbara Steinborn
Andrzej M. Kochański
Rafał Płoski

Folia Neuropathol 2017; 55 (3): 214-220
Online publish date: 2017/09/30
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Collagen VI-related myopathy is a group of disorders affecting skeletal muscles and connective tissue. The most common symptoms are muscle weakness and joint deformities which limit the movement and progress over time. Several forms of collagen VI-related myopathies have been described: Bethlem myopathy, an intermediate form and Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy, which is the most severe. Here we report a novel de novo c.1056+3A>C substitution in intron 14 of the COL6A1 gene encoding alpha-chains of collagen VI in a 13-year-old girl suffering from collagen VI (ColVI) myopathy. Analysis performed on cDNA generated from the RNA obtained from the patient’s blood cells showed that the reported variant leads to the entire exon 14 skipping and probably results in an in-frame deletion of 18 amino acids of the COL6A1 protein. Clinical presentation, abnormal secretion of the collagen demonstrated in muscle biopsy and the COL6A1 c.1056+3A>C mutation justify classification of the presented case as ColVI myopathy with moderate-progressive course. Analysis of the literature indicates that the donor splice site of COL6A1 intron 14, associated with the phenotype of Bethlem myopathy or intermediate form, is a hot spot for ColVI myopathies.

COL6A1, RNA splicing, Bethlem myopathy

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