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Pielęgniarstwo Chirurgiczne i Angiologiczne/Surgical and Vascular Nursing
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Original paper

Incontinence: a silent problem. Analysis of risk factors

Urszula Anna Wójtowicz
Lucyna Płaszewska-Żywko
Ewelina Kołacz

Pielęgniarstwo Chirurgiczne i Angiologiczne 2013; 3: 92–97
Online publish date: 2013/09/09
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Aim of the study: The aim of the study was to analyze the urinary incontinence (UI) risk factors and the prevalence of its symptoms in a professionally active group of women.

Material and methods: The study group consisted of 60 randomly selected women aged 28–58 years (mean 43.2 ±6.82 years), working in schools and supermarkets. The study was conducted using the survey method by means of an original authors’ questionnaire. The data obtained were analyzed statistically using the Pearson correlation coefficient and test c2.

Results: In the study group, 50% of women had symptoms of urinary incontinence (one third of women aged 31-40 years, and more than half of women in their 40s and 50s). The youngest woman presenting symptoms of UI was 28 years old. Urinary incontinence occurred in 54% of women who had a newborn with birth weight ≥ 4000 g (p < 0.05). Symptoms of incontinence also occurred in 62.5% of women who are overweight (BMI > 25 kg/m2) and 75% of women in the menopausal period or postmenopausal (p < 0.05).

Conclusions: Significant relation between urinary incontinence and such risk factors as the birth of over 3 children and birth of a child with a weight over 4000 g, BMI > 25 kg/m2 (overweight), BMI > 30 kg/m2 (obese), postmenopausal period as well as lifting weight over 5 kg and over 10 kg was confirmed in the studied group.

risk factors, urinary incontinence, education

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