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Aim and scope
Psychoonkogia/Psycho-Oncology is a journal of the Polish Psycho-Oncology Society issued 4 times a year. It publishes review papers, original research articles, case reports, letters to the editor as well as editorial comments and reports of scientific conferences.

Rules of reviewing papers
Manuscripts submitted are initially assessed by the Editorial Office of Psychoonkologia/Psycho-Oncology mainly as regards their educational value and the topic presentation. Articles that do not meet basic publication requirements and manuscripts that are incomplete or do not comply with the rules presented below are rejected without any merit-related assessment. Manuscripts that are initially accepted are sent to two independent reviewers. The editors select reviewers taking into account topics presented in the article submitted. Each paper is evaluated by independent reviewers in the double-blind review process, in which authors do not know the identity of their reviewers, nor do the reviewers know the identities of the authors. Reviewers assess the work using the electronic system on the basis of questions prepared for a specific title. Reviewers may also provide individual comments on the article. The final decision on the paper acceptance is made by the Editor-in-Chief relying on the expert opinions of the reviewers.

Conflict of interest
When submitting the manuscript, the Authors should disclose any financial relations between the Authors and the company whose product is of significance in the manuscript submitted. Such information will not be disclosed to reviewers and will not affect the decision whether to public the paper. Upon the manuscript acceptance for publication, the Editorial Office will determine together with the Authors how information about the source of funding should be disclosed to readers. Any disputes with the Publisher over the publication will be resolved by the competent District Court with jurisdiction over the Publisher’s registered office. Legal relationships between the Publisher and the Author are governed by the Polish law and international conventions binding on Poland.

Permission to print
Materials that have been published before should be accompanied by written consent of the previous Publisher to re-publication. If information contained in the case report, illustration or the text allow for identification of the persons, their written consent to publication should be provided.

Copyright transfer
When submitting a paper with illustrations and tables, the Author(s) make a statement that the paper submitted has not been published before and has not been submitted to any other journal (except for abstracts of not more than 400 words). The Author(s) further represent that they transfer free of charge all copyright to publish and disseminate materials submitted in all known forms and in all known fields of exploitation to the Publisher if the material is accepted for publication. At the same time, the Author(s) consent that the paper will not be published anywhere and in any language without prior written consent of the copyright holder, i.e. the Publisher.

Limitation of liability
The Editorial Office and the Publisher make all efforts to ensure that information published in Psychoonkologia/Psycho-Oncology is reliable and accurate. However opinions expressed in articles or advertisements are published solely on the responsibility of authors or advertisers.
Therefore, the Editorial Office and the Publisher are not liable for consequences of use of any inaccurate information. Doses of medicines and other numerical figures are verified with due care though any treatment regimens described in Psychoonkologia/Psycho-Oncology should be used in line with information about the medicine given by the manufacturer.

Preparation of the manuscript
Articles to be published in Psychoonkologia/Psycho-Oncology are accepted in electronic version only by the Editorial System http://www.editorialsystem.com/pson/login/
The spelled-out abbreviation followed by the abbreviation in parenthesis should be used on first mention in the manuscript. Abbreviations unaccepted by international experts should be avoided.

Structure of manuscripts submitted

Review papers
Abstract (in Polish and English) should not exceed 250 words (minimum 100 words).
Key words (in Polish and English). The article should contain 3 to 7 key words compliant with the Medical Subject Headings Index Medicus.
Body text. The Editorial Office of Psychoonkologia/Psycho-Oncology publishes review papers that are opinions and recommendations of experts relying on unsystematised data and systematic quality review of the literature available. In the latter case, the structure of the article should contain: Introduction (giving the aim of the paper, clinical issue), Material and methods (criteria and method for selecting references), Results (description of qualitative and quantitative information contained in the study being analysed), Discussion and Conclusions. The paper is recommended not to exceed 6000 words. This limit does not include the abstract, tables and references. Additional information and acknowledgements should follow the body text and precede references.

Case reports
Abstract (in Polish and English) should not exceed 250 words (minimum 100 words).
Key words (in Polish and English). The article should contain 3 to 7 key words compliant with the Medical Subject Headings Index Medicus.

References should be arranged into a list and numbered in the order of appearance of the citations in the body text (rather than in the alphabetical order).
Journals. The following should be given: subsequent number of the item, family names and first name initials of the authors (if there are not more than six authors, all of them should be named, if seven or more, the first three should be given with “et al.” added), title of the work, title of the journal (abbreviated according to Index Medicus), year, volume (in Arabic numerals), first and last page. Please do not use expressions “in print”, “under preparation” or “verbal information” – in justified cases, these can be used in the body text.
Example: Eliasson M, Jansson J, Nilsson P, Asplund K. Increased levels of tissue plasminogen activator antigen in essential hypertension. A population-based study in Sweden. J Hypertens 1997; 15: 349-356.
Books. The following should be given: subsequent number of the item, family names and first name initials of the authors, title, publisher, place and year of publication. For chapters in a book give family names and first name initials of the authors of the chapter, title of the chapter, family names and first name initials of the authors or editors of the book, title of the book, publisher, place and year of publication, pages.
Examples: Braunwald E. Heart Disease. W.B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia 1992; 393-418.
Rosen M.R. Principles of cardiac electrophysiology. W: Kelley WN (ed.). Internal Medicine. J.B. Lipipincott Company, Philadelphia 1992; 90-95.

Figures must be submitted as separate files (one figure per file) and saved in the .cdr, .tif, .jpg, .ai, .bmp or .eps format. Photographs should have a resolution of 300 dpi and the .tif or .jpg. format If the figure (photograph) has already been published, its source should be stated and written consent of the copyright holder to re-publication should be obtained. In the body text, it should be indicated where to place figures.

Tables should be submitted in separate files. In the body text, it should be indicated where to place tables. Measurements should be given in metric units of the International System of Units.

Should you need any further information or have any problem with submitting the article via the Editorial System, please do not hesitate to contact the Editorial Office:

dr Joanna Kozaka
Zakład Psychologii Klinicznej i Neuropsychologii
Instytut Psychologii Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego
ul. Bażyńskiego 4
80-952 Gdańsk
e-mail: jkozaka@gmail.com
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