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Contemporary Oncology/Współczesna Onkologia
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vol. 6


Oncolytic bacteria in cancer therapy

Joanna Jazowiecka, Stanisław Szala
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 5, 264-271
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Biomarkers of oxidative DNA damage repair in urine

Krzysztof Roszkowski
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 5, 272-276
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Prognostic and predictive significance of HER2 in breast cancer

Jacek Jassem, Liliana Krasińska
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 5, 279-287
Online publish date: 2003-04-11

Diagnostics of early precancerous condition and breast cancer

Frank Ruhland, Marcin Przybylski, Marek Budner, Marek Spaczyński
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 5, 288-299
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Hereditary tumors in children - nephroblastoma

Stanisław Zajączek, Tadeusz Dębniak, Jan Lubiński, Elżbieta Kamieńska, Aleksandra Tołoczko-Grabarek, Anna Jakubowska, Bohdan Górski, Cezary Cybulski
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 5, 300-307
Online publish date: 2003-04-11

Diagnostic value of the cytogenetic analysis - diffuse large B cell lymphoma case with atypical localization

Barbara Pieńkowska-Grela, Beata Grygalewicz, Krzysztof Sikora, Renata Woroniecka
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 5, 308-311
Online publish date: 2003-04-11

Role of HER receptors and heregulins in the development of breast cancer metestases

Ewa Szacikowska, Wojciech Kozłowski
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 5, 312-321
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Von Willebrand factor (vWF) in plasma of patients with pancreatic carcinoma

Krystyna Markocka-Mączka
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 5, 322-326
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Results of metastatic liver irradiation

Grzegorz Słomian, Grzegorz Woźniak, Leszek Miszczyk
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 5, 328-334
Online publish date: 2003-04-11

Prostate Cancer Incidence in Relation to Ethnic Situation in Opole Province, Poland

Andrzej Tukiendorf
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 5, 335-344
Online publish date: 2003-03-26
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