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Contemporary Oncology/Współczesna Onkologia
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vol. 6


Fatal outcome of a hypersensitivity reaction to paclitaxel: a case report

Michael A. den Bakker, Jeroen S. Kloover, Jan P. van Meerbeeck
Współ Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 8, 486-489
Online publish date: 2003-04-11

The effect of cytotoxic treatment on bone tissue

Wojciech Z. Pawlak, Krzysztof Leśniewski-Kmak, Janusz Wojtacki
Współ Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 8, 490-496
Online publish date: 2003-04-11

Lymphoscintigraphy - important part of sentinel lymph node diagnosis in breast cancer

Tomasz Jastrzębski, Piotr Lass, Andrzej Kopacz
Współ Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 8, 498-505
Online publish date: 2003-04-11

The practical indications for implementation of quality assurance program in radiotherapy – procedures

Jerzy Kierzkowski, Maria Kubicka, Marta Bogusz-Osawa
Współ Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 8, 506-514
Online publish date: 2003-04-11

Nuclear Medicine in Poland, the Role of Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine

Leszek Królicki
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 8, 519-521
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Assessment of ionising radiation exposure of the staff and roommates from the cancer palliatively treated by QuadrametTM with Sm-153

Anna Żórawska, Aldona Kowalska
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 8, 522-525
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Estimation of exposure of medical staff employed in Radionuclide Division of Endocrinology Department and Radioactive Wastes Disposal Facility in Holycross Cancer Centre in Kielce

Marek Jurkiewicz, Jacek Niziołek, Dariusz Chruściak, Anna Żórawska, Aldona Kowalska
Współcz Onkol (2002), 6, 8, 526-529
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Measurement of activity of 131I deposited in human thyroid during the medical examination

Zbigniew Haratym, Tomasz Pliszczyński, Natalia Golnik, Jakub Ośko, Bogdan Filipiak
Współcz Onkol (2002), 6, 8, 530-533
Online publish date: 2003-04-11

Analysis and estimation of radiation influent on humans and environment of liquid radiation wastes withdrawal from Nuclear Medicine Department

Sławomir Jednoróg, Grażyna Mazur, Dariusz Lewandowski
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 8, 534-538
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Evaluation of the influence of work conditions on the ionization radiation exposure in case of personnel of Department of Nuclear Medicine

Aleksandra Etmańska, Nikołaj Lambrinow, Witold Głażewski
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 8, 540-544
Online publish date: 2003-07-07

Atypical sources of human health endanger for irradiation

Nikołaj Lambrinow, Aleksandra Etmańska
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 8, 546-547
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Effects of flavonoids on the tissue culture in radioactive technetium medium

Paweł Bodera, Jerzy Grześków, Grzegorz Andryskowski, Andrzej Przybycień
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 8, 548-550
Online publish date: 2003-03-26

Accelerator room shielding in radiotherapy units where IMRT and TBI techniques are applied

Michał Waligórski, Jan Lesiak
Współcz Onkol (2002), vol. 6, 8, 551-554
Online publish date: 2003-03-26
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