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Pielęgniarstwo Chirurgiczne i Angiologiczne/Surgical and Vascular Nursing
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vol. 9

The recurrence character of venous ulceration of a down limbs close the actual problem – the case study

Paulina Mościcka
Maria T. Szewczyk
Justyna Cwajda-Białasik

Pielęgniarstwo Chirurgiczne i Angiologiczne 2015; 4: 187-192
Online publish date: 2015/12/21
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Chronic venous insufficiency characterises with the recurrence of ulceration. It has been proved that vast majority of ulceration (approximately 26%) convert in the very first twelve months after healing up. For this reason the significant meaning is to preserve the physiological value of the venous pressure of a down limbs close. It has been proved that the ulceration remission time gets significantly elongated. The risk of recurrence is actually diminished if the patient has been properly treated with the assistance of specialistic treatment. Although the prophylaxis of recurrence ulceration embraces many components, including physiotherapy, and even surgical actions, it is essential element is skilful and systematic usage of the compresstherapy by the patient himself.

venousulceration, tertiaryprophylaxis, compresstherapy

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