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Pielęgniarstwo Chirurgiczne i Angiologiczne/Surgical and Vascular Nursing
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vol. 17
Original article

Quality of life of patients covered by the Complex Treatment of Chronic Wounds

Kamila Pytlak
Paulina Szymańska
Mateusz Skórka
Dariusz Bazaliński
1, 4

Szpital Specjalistyczny, Podkarpacki Ośrodek Onkologii im. B. Markiewicza w Brzozowie, Polska
Oddział Chirurgii Naczyniowej, Radomski Szpital Specjalistyczny, Radom, Polska
Kliniczny Szpital nr 2 im. św. Jadwigi Królowej w Rzeszowie, Polska
Instytut Nauk o Zdrowiu, Kolegium Nauk Medycznych, Uniwersytet Rzeszowski, Rzeszów, Polska
Online publish date: 2023/04/11
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The aim of the study was to assessment of the quality of life of patients covered by the Complex Treatment of Chronic Wounds program.

Material and methods:
A prospective-observational study using the estimation method and a diagnostic survey including 31 people who each had 4 appointments at the outpatient clinic over a period of 30 days. Clinical and questionnaire assessments during the first and last appointment at the clinic (after 4 weeks) were performed using a scientific research protocol consisting of wound assessment tools (Wagner classification, RYB, NPIAP) and quality of life data assessment tools (WHOQoL Bref and Wound QoL).The statistical package IBM SPSS v21 was used for the analysis of variables.A significance level was assumed at p < 0.05.

The average age of the respondents was 71.48 ±10.972 years, the youngest person was 39, and the oldest 90 years old. The largest group were elderly people aged over 65 years (74.2%). Most of the respondents lived in the countryside (83.9%) and lived mainly off a pension (67.7%), declaring satisfactory and good living conditions (96.8%). Self-care opportunities in the study group were limited (58.1%, Barthel 21–85 points). The average WHOQoL values on admission to the clinic (test 1) were recorded in the physical (44.93 ±14.34), psychological (46.10 ±13.98), general satisfaction (41.13 ±20.96) domains and slightly higher in social relations (62.37 ±12.71) and environment (51.81 ±10.58). In the second stage of the study (assessment 4 weeks later, after 4 appointments), higher average values of the quality-of-life assessment were confirmed in all domains.

Participation in the Complex Treatment of Chronic Wounds program positively determines the subjective assessment of the quality of life in all areas assessed by the respondents.


quality of life, chronic wound, comprehensive wound care

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