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Nursing Problems / Problemy Pielęgniarstwa
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Satisfaction with nursing care for patients treated in non-invasive treatment wards

Iwona Malinowska-Lipień
Teresa Gabryś
Justyna Jasina
Lucyna Płaszewska-Żywko

Nursing Problems 2019; 27 (3-4): 137-143
Data publikacji online: 2020/02/03
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Nursing care is an important factor influencing the guarantee of quality in medical facilities. The aim of the assessment of patients’ satisfaction with care is to gather data necessary for undertaking successful actions so as to improve the service quality and create rules for healthcare policy.

Aim of the study
Assessment of satisfaction with nursing care of patients treated in non-invasive treatment wards.

Material and methods
The research was carried out in wards of non-invasive treatment profile. To measure the level of satisfaction with nursing care, the NSNS-PL (The Newcastle Satisfaction with Nursing Scale) was used. The research covered 101 patients aged 21-79 years.

Satisfaction with nursing care was evaluated in the researched group at 67.12 points on average out of a maximum of 100 available points. The average score for experience with nursing care was 70.87 points, and overall nursing care scored 81.52 points. The surveyed patients assessed their overall stay in the non-invasive treatment ward at 79.04 points on average. A statistically significant difference was shown in the assessment of experiences with nursing care, depending whether a particular nurse responsible for care in the ward was assigned (p = 0.0392).

The highest rated indicator of nursing care for patients treated in non-invasive treatment wards was the overall assessment of nursing care as well as overall assessment of the stay in the ward. The lowest rated was satisfaction with nursing care. Socio-demographic factors did not have any connection with the assessed aspects of care.

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nursing care, satisfaction with care, nursing quality

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