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vol. 4
Review paper

The role of desloratadine in the treatment of allergic rhinitis and urticaria

Katarzyna Buczak
Adam J. Sybilski

Online publish date: 2018/05/25
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Allergies, including allergic rhinitis and urticaria, are a very common problem for the general practitioner. Histamine has a major role in the mechanism of allergy through the H1 receptor. It is responsible for pruritus, sneezing, mucosal edema and increased production of nasal secretion, as well as redness, swelling and itching of the skin. Due to the key role of histamine in the development of allergic reactions, H1 blockers (antihistamines) are the primary medications for the treatment of allergic diseases. The mechanism of action of antihistamines relies on combining with the same part of the receptor as histamine but inducing a reverse effect, which makes them inverse agonists of H1 receptors. This reduces the effect of histamine as a mediator of the allergic reaction and hence the reduction of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis and urticaria. Desloratadine is one of the better-known and tested second-generation antihistamines. It is a long-acting (24 hours), tricyclic, non-sedative, active metabolite of loratadine. Many studies have shown that desloratadine is effective in relieving nasal symptoms (sneezing, congestion, blockage) and skin problems (redness, swelling, pruritus). It does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier, so it does not have a sedative effect. It does not have a negative effect on car driving ability. It can be used by both adults and children after 1 year of life. It very rarely causes side effects such as dry mouth, headache, fatigue or nausea (more frequently when using first generation antihistamines). All these features make desloratadine a safe and frequently used drug in the treatment of allergic rhinitis and urticaria.

histamine, allergic rhinitis, urticaria, antihistamines, desloratadine

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