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Nursing Problems / Problemy Pielęgniarstwa
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The sense of coherence in a group of patients with an implanted cardioverter-defibrillator

Agata Reczek
Justyna Wojdyła-Piekarz
Ewa Kawalec-Kajstura

Nursing Problems 2019; 27 (3-4): 175-180
Data publikacji online: 2020/02/03
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The sense of coherence has a clear influence on the functioning of all spheres of life. The sense of coherence marks the position of an individual on the health-disease continuum.

Aim of the study
The assessment of the sense of coherence in a group of patients with an implanted cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD).

Material and methods
Patients with ICDs participated in the study. The study was conducted in a group of 140 patients. Most of them were men. In the study, the authors’ own survey and the A. Antonovsky Life Orientation Questionnaire (SOC-29) were used, and medical documentation was analysed. The collected data were subjected to statistical analysis.

The average score of SOC points was 132.41 (SD = 14.85). Age, professional activity, and financial situation had a statistically significant influence on the total sense of coherence. These variables and the marital status of the respondents had a significant influence on the sense of manageability. The sense of comprehensibility was significantly influenced only by the financial situation. The sense of coherence did not depend on sex, place of residence, living with, or without other family members, education, or support of other people.

In the study group only a few sociodemographic variables had a statistically significant impact on the sense of coherence and its components. No relationship between the analysed variables and the sense of meaningfulness was revealed. None of the analysed clinical variables had any significant influence on the sense of coherence and its components.

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comprehensibility, manageability, meaningfulness, sense of coherence, implantable cardioverter-defibrillator

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