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Alcoholism and Drug Addiction/Alkoholizm i Narkomania
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vol. 32
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Artykuł redakcyjny

Agnieszka Pisarska

Data publikacji online: 2020/04/29
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Dear Readers,

This issue of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction is devoted to the results of the survey carried out by the Youth Prevention Unit “Pro-M” of the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology here in Warsaw. The study was conducted as part of the project “Supporting research in the area of risk and protective factors associated with alcohol-use related problems”, financed by the National Health Program for 2016-2020.
The participants of the study were young people under care of youth sociotherapy centres (MOS) and youth correctional centres (MOW), i.e. young people who are either at risk of social maladjustment or are diagnosed as socially maladjusted. The aim of the study was to assess the prevalence and determinants of alcohol, cigarette and illegal drug use as well as other risk behaviours in this group.
The study is presented in a series of five articles. The first article presents a description of the project methodology, including its thematic scope, tools used, methods and respondent characteristics as well as the process of study implementation. In the second article, the prevalence of psychoactive substance use among MOS and MOW students was described against a background of the results of ESPAD study conducted among young people from regular schools.
The third article considers the co-occurrence of intense risk behaviours and describes the structure of risk-behaviour syndrome. The fourth article presents the results of analyses that aimed to identify psychosocial and behavioural risk and protective factors associated with the frequency of alcohol use and drunkenness as well as alcohol-related problems.
The last article is a summary of the study and makes recommendations for preventive and therapeutic work supplemented by comments of MOS and MOW staff, as well as recommendations for further research in institutions taking care of young people at risk of social maladjustment or already showing its symptoms.
We trust that the articles prepared by our team will be interesting and useful to the readership.

Dr. Agnieszka Pisarska
Principal Investigator

Szanowni Czytelnicy,

bieżący numer Alkoholizmu i Narkomanii jest poświęcony prezentacji wyników badań przeprowadzonych przez Zespół Pracowni „Pro-M” Instytutu Psychiatrii i Neurologii w Warszawie. Badania te zrealizowano w ramach projektu pt. „Wspieranie badań naukowych w obszarze czynników ryzyka i...

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