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Health Problems of Civilization Physical activity: diseases and issues recognized by the WHO
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vol. 9
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Anna Marszałek
Robert Walaszek

Data publikacji online: 2016/02/03
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Breast cancer is the most common malignancy among women. It is at present the most common cancer standing behind approx. 17.4% of all morbidity and approx. 22.2% of all deaths. Every year in Poland nearly 11,000 new cases of breast cancer are recorded and this number is constantly growing. The main reason for this state of affairs is seen in a small number of screening. It is therefore important to spread knowledge about breast cancer prevention, conducting training in currently available knowledge regarding risk factors as well as the promotion of healthy behaviours of women in the early detection of breast cancer. The simplest examination used to detect cancerous changes is breast self-examination. It helps to detect adverse effects in the breast and increases the chances of their recovery. In accordance with the recommendations of the Polish Gynecological Society regarding the prevention and early diagnosis of changes in the mammary gland, it is recommended that women over the age of 20 should regularly once a month carry out breast self-examination. Women menstruating should perform a test on the second or third day after menstruation, and pregnant women and postmenopausal women should conduct this always on the same day of the month. Breast self-examination should consist of a visual inspection and palpation. The aim of this study is to present the methodology of breast self-examination to detect cancer lesions at an early stage of their development and provide an overview of the results of Polish research on the knowledge of breast self-examination techniques, awareness of women surveyed regarding the age at which breast self-examination should be started, the frequency with which breast examination must be carried out, knowledge of risk factors for breast cancer or symptoms of breast cancer

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