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Health Problems of Civilization Physical activity: diseases and issues recognized by the WHO
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vol. 8
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Remigiusz Filarski

Data publikacji online: 2016/01/13
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Unemployment is a significant social problem which has numerous negative health consequences. Findings of numerous researches provide data on the range of the consequences of unemployment with risk of health deterioration being one of the most important. Unemployment remains an area of interest for the following fields of science: psychology, economics, sociology. More and more researches prove that there is a link between the increase of disease occurrence and death rate and long-term unemployment. Both in Poland and all over the world a steady increase in the incidence of type 2 diabetes is being observed. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that, taking into consideration present dynamics of changes, in 2025 there will be 300 million people diagnosed with diabetes. That is why a diabetes epidemic is such a topical issue, and according to some epidemic data this epidemic is starting to reach Poland as well. Data provided by IDF (International Diabetes Federation] show that in Poland the percentage of diabetes patients is 9,1% of the whole population and it is a little higher than the European average [8,6%]. It is predicted that by 2015 the percentage will rise to 11%. Identification of adverse health behaviors and introducing actions promoting health in a given population group can prove to be beneficial for the present condition of members of a given group as well as decrease the risk connected with the occurrence of diseases associated with the progress of civilization in the future. The aim of the article is to indicate type 2 diabetes risk factors among the unemployed in Poland.
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