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vol. 5
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The relationship between HLA DQA1 alleles with the course of hepatitis C virus infection and as the effectiveness of antiviral treatment in paediatric patients

Ewa Łoś-Rychalska
Anna Szaflarska-Popławska

Przegląd Gastroenterologiczny 2010; 5 (1): 31–41
Online publish date: 2010/05/07
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Introduction: The relationships between the HLA alleles and the course of viral hepatitis C as well effectiveness antiviral treatment have been the object of investigations since several years.
Aim: To settlement of dependence among the frequency of occurrence the individual HLA DQA1 alleles and the course of hepatitis C virus infection as well as the effectiveness of antiviral treatment in paediatric patients.
Material and methods: To the investigations was included 61 patients, in age 5-18 years, in this 51 after treatment antiviral (interferon α or interferon and ribavirin), 10 not treated. In patients genetic method was conducted sign HLA alleles on low level and then high resolution. It the possessed medical records was analyzed the results of biochemical investigations (AlAT) as well as the effectiveness of treatment.
Results: It was affirmed, that in not qualified to treatment patients more often was present allel HLA DQA1*0505 (p = 0.03). Among patients after antiviral treatment allel *0505 was more often in persons’ group answering on treatment (p = 0.03 for early answer). Alleles DQA1*01 were present more often in patients from sustained viral response to treatment (p = 0.09). HLA DQA1*02 (0201) were more often in patients with good early biochemical answer to treatment (p = 0.06) as well as with good sustained biochemical answer. Conclusions: 1) It was affirmed the dependence of chronic hepatitis C virus infection course on HLA DQA1 alleles. 2) It is dependence between the effectiveness of antiviral interferon as well as interferon α with ribavirin treatment and HLA DQA1 alleles.

viral hepatitis C, HLA DQA1

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